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Processing an Individual Anti Money Laundering (AML) check is easy and convenient. You simply need to enter the Individual’s name, address and date of birth (optional but recommended); press return and SmartSearch will do the rest.   In just 3 seconds you will have a completed AML check that will give you a clear PASS or REFER result, this includes automatic worldwide Sanction & PEP screening.

After the initial AML check, we continue to monitor each customer on a daily basis for the duration of your three year contract and this is included in your basic AML price.   So you don’t have to worry about any future changes to Sanctions & PEPs.   If you choose to retain traditional methods of verification for higher risk clients, we can still validate Passport, Driving Licence or National Insurance Number documents.

Your output is a convenient Adobe pdf document which details all the necessary information completing your AML, CDD and further assisting you with your KYC obligations.   All AML client information can be retrieved on a real-time basis through the SmartSearch platform.   Additionally, you can file this in to your Case Management or CRM System or print a hard copy for use in future compliance audits or regulatory visits.   Our daily monitoring facility will alert you in future to any changes in Sanctions & PEPs; view our “Reporting, Monitoring & Alerts” web page for more detail.

It really is as simple as that, why not take a SmartSearch demonstration and see for yourself? 

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